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I believe every woman has a dream life she fantasizes about living. I'm not talking about being on a beach drinking fancy drinks. Although that does sound wonderful, huh? Maybe you dream about what life will be like when you have an empty nest. Maybe you dream about landing that dream job or starting that business you keep hidden in your soul. Do you dream of having just one beautiful picture of yourself? Often as women we hide our dreams and pull them out in those quiet moments (like the dreaded carpool line). We play taxi service, chef, professional nose wiper, cheerleader, therapist, accountant, maid, the perfect sister, the perfect wife, etc, etc, etc. When do you take time to feed our own soul? Enter in... burn out and settling. Girl, you were made for so much more! Let me help you create that dream life. I'm a woman of action. I don't believe in putting some words on your mirror or closing your eyes thinking about that brand new SUV. I believe in getting to root of your blocks. I want to help you create an action plan to get that life you have always dreamed of. Stop dreaming, start doing!