The Colorado Divorce Real Estate Agent


Pueblo’s Listing Specialist

Divorce is hard. Let me make selling your house easy!

If your house needs work…

I may be able to sell your house without putting it on the market. I’ve got tools in my belt. 

If you wait…

If you both can’t agree on what will happen to the house, the judge may appoint an agent whose goal is to quickly sell… leaving money on the table. 

A neutral party…

Think of me more as a mediator wanting to create a win-win for both of you. 

P.S I’m a listing specialist helping married couples and singles sell too!

Ask me about my marketing plan…

Every listing agent should have a copy of their marketing plan to give to you. Marketing is my jam and mine is quite comprehensive!

Communication Is My Passion…

I’ve been obsessed with communication my entire adult life. I’ll coach you through every step and negotiate for the most money.

Don’t Make Common Seller Mistakes…

I wrote a book to help you through the selling process. One chapter is on common seller mistakes and another on understanding offers.

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