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Let’s get right to the point of what my mindset life coaching philosophy is. Shall we?

1 represents our single fault line.

We all have a single unconscious message that rattles around in our head. This message was instilled in us before we even knew how to verbalize ‘it’s complicated’ to the emotional storm inside of us. It doesn’t matter if your parents were rock stars, negligent, or something in between. The world kept repeating the same message to your developing brain that your heart internalized.

When that message pops up now, you don’t even realize it. When we discover our fault line message, we can view all of our negative experiences through its lens. This truly is a life changer, more than that next self-help book you plan to pick up… or put off reading, let’s be honest. Your fault line gets to the heart of the issue and creates massive personal growth.

5 represents your five highest values.

These are the areas of your life that really matter to you. They speak to your purpose and what fires you up. It can take some digging and refining, but I promise it’s worth it.

You can begin to plan your life around those most important things. You can seek out knowledge to improve those things. You can say no to everything else without guilt. Your fault line determines where you are stuck, and your highest values create a plan to propel you forward like a sling shot.

7 represents the next generations.

We are the sum of the previous seven generations and have the power to change the next seven. The choices we make every day affect future generations. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want them complaining about great great great grandma who couldn’t get it together.

We are so much more than the quick, finite life we live on this earth. Imagine the gifts you can leave behind. This is a great reminder to find joy in the monotony… yea I know it happens, groundhog’s day over and over and over and over… When you know you are moving forward for something bigger, it can ease the boring just a bit, promise.

Do you feel like you are just going through the motions of life? Floating around like that plastic bag in the wind? Let me be that magnifying glass for you on the hot sidewalk of life. I want to ignite a fire in you!

Find me on Instagram and DM me with a number from 1-10 of where your passion for life is right now and a number where you want it to be.

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