Let me help you both get a fresh start.

Hi, I’m Shannon!


I’ve been training my entire life to help you!

Growing up family time was touring the custom homes my grandpa and uncle built. Every time I walk into a new build, I inhale deeply and smile remembering my late grandpa. My love of real estate runs deep.

I was the socially awkward girl who one day got sick and tired of holding myself back. I dove into self-development and ended up with a bachelor’s degree in communication. But the learning didn’t stop there. I’m also a certified life coach. Now, I’m a real estate agent.

Mix all that up with skills learned overcoming childhood trauma that also involved the court system… voilà.

📌Emotionally charged situation. I got you!

📌Negotiations needed. I’m here!

📌Neutral party. I’m your gal!

Text me! 719.467.0630

All hard endings are beautiful beginnings in disguise.